Vivienne “Rupert” Pachoud (nee Blank)

21 Dec 1957 - 13 Oct 2022

Service details

22 October 2022 - 1:00 pm
12A Beaumont Road, Ngongotaha
Ru passed peacefully at her home surrounded by her 7 cats and loved ones. Daughter of Joan and Allan, and beloved sister to Carole, Paul, and Christine. Mother of Alanah, mother-in-law of Paul, and Nana to Korbin and Blake. Eternal lover of music and animals. Reunited with Baxter and Charm at the Rainbow Bridge.
A memorial celebration of Ru's life will be held on Saturday 22nd October 1pm at 12A Beaumont Road, Ngongotaha.
Please wear bright colours and bring some stories to share.

Messages to the Andrews family: [email protected]
WAY OVER YONDER Writers: CAROLE KING Lyrics: Way over yonder is a place that I know Where I can find shelter from hunger and cold And the sweet tasting good life is so easily found Way over yonder, that's where I'm bound I know when I get there, the first thing I'll see Is the sun shining golden, shining right down on me Then trouble's gonna lose me, worry leave me behind And I'll stand up proudly in true peace of mind talking 'bout, talking 'bout Way over yonder is a place I have seen It's a garden of wisdom from some long ago dream Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way To the land where the honey runs in rivers each day And the sweet tasting good life is so easily found Way over yonder, that's where I'm bound Way over yonder, that's where I'm bound
Is this farewell or au revoir? I have no idea. Ru was a real friend to me. We were in a band y'know. She was lead singer and played electric bass. I played guitar (badly).. In the early days she wrote a few songs. "Traveler in Time" and "New Wave Baby" being the two that I remember. Clever and witty with a deeper message for those with ears to hear it. We played in a "Battle of the Bands" and won some recording time in a Hamilton studio. The evidence may still be out there somewhere ... Our biggest gig was the Miss BOP show in Mount Maunganui.. Our audience of about 3000 were not there to see us but we had a lot of fun. We once had a restaurant gig in Rotorua., just the two of us. Sadly the audience was a group of Muslim visitors who objected to women singing in public or something like that. We were pretty upset at the time as we had done nothing wrong. Later on managed to see the funny side of the affair. We also played a few gigs for the Rotorua musicians club when it was going well. Dave Mapu and a few others will be at that rainbow bridge to greet her for sure.. When I knew Ru she was the picture of good health but sadly she suffered a lot in later years. So now she is at peace. I'm so glad that Alanah was able to comfort her in the end. Good for you girl. I know that meant a lot to her.. She loved you to bits. Peace and Love to all from Italy.
Michael Burgess
R.I.P beautiful soul ,you will be missed :( Used to hear you sing and then I heard the original singer and I preferred your voice instead ❤️. You gave joy to nursing homes in Rotorua,a truly loss talent gone forever but your essence is with us all in our hearts .🙏🙏💐💐💐
Mirna Gonzalez